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Pioneer activates eARC and Amazon Music on selected components, enhancing their home entertainment capabilities

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As a global leader in audio-visual and hi-fi audio innovation, Pioneer continues to demonstrate its commitment to early-access provision of next-generation technologies to its worldwide customer base, aiming to simplify and enhance the home entertainment experience. Today, the company announces a firmware update - due October 11 - that enables eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) capabilities, as specified in the HDMI 2.1 standard, on the 7.2-ch SC-LX502 and 9.2-ch VSX-LX503 AV receivers.

ARC (Audio Return Channel) technology currently supports transmission of audio signals including LPCM, Dolby Digital, and DTS formats from ARC-compatible TVs or devices connected to the TV. The introduction of eARC, however, now also enables transmission of HD audio and multi-channel PCM signals from eARC-compatible TVs.

Specifically, eARC can transmit object-based audio formats such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X as well as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio lossless audio formats. With this new technology enabled, users can experience the heightened sensation of high-quality audio formats from AV components connected to the TV via a single HDMI cable between the AVR and display.

What’s more, Smart TV apps, or smartphone/PC apps streaming video to network dongles connected to the display, can now unlock a more immersive entertainment experience from video encoded with object-based audio or other high-bitrate formats, with audio routed through the eARC-enabled Pioneer A/V receiver for amplification and playback through surround-sound or Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker systems.

Pioneer AVR's


Built-in apps and Blu-ray Discs can feed content to an eARC-enabled display from a Blu-ray player via its HDMI bitstream output, with the display sending audio through to the eARC-enabled Pioneer AVR for amplification and playback. Users can enjoy their favorite streaming apps and optical discs direct from their playback devices with premium audio quality.

In addition, the October 11 firmware update will also bring native support to several products for Amazon Music, which can be enjoyed by those with a Prime Music or Amazon Music Unlimited account. Prime Music is an on-demand music streaming service available free of charge for Amazon Prime subscribers and features a library of about two million tracks. Amazon Music Unlimited, meanwhile, offers a discounted monthly subscription to Amazon Prime members and boasts tens of millions of songs. Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited also feature thousands of professionally curated playlists and personalised music stations. Amazon Music is accessed, and playback managed, via the free Pioneer Remote App for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, or via a remote controller and the OSD/front panel display on selected products.

The firmware rollout will enable Amazon Music on the following Pioneer products: SC-LX901, SC-LX801, SC-LX701, SC-LX502, VSX-LX503, VSX-LX303, VSX-LX302, VSX-933, VSX-932, VSX-832, VSX-S520D and VSX-S520.

Updates for the SX-S30 and SX-S30DAB models will be announced at a later stage.

Together with comprehensive support for 4K/HDR on Pioneer AVRs, eARC makes it easy to enjoy the latest in immersive, high-resolution entertainment with content served directly from the display. Pioneer is delighted to add further value to these future-ready products, which deliver a film, game, or musical entertainment experience of unparalleled realism.

For information on how to update your compatible Pioneer product, visit visit Note that an Ethernet-compliant HMDI cable and firmware update is required for eARC functionality.

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