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NSP-C10P-K Portable Player [Archived]

NSP-C10P-K Portable Player [Archived]

STEEZ Portable Player

Small size, great mix.

The STEEZ Portable is very compact and easy to carry with you. But don’t let its small size deceive you: this bad boy mixes like a real DJ.

It’s easy to add a favourite tune to a playlist with one push of the MARK button. Connecting the STEEZ Portable to a STEEZ audio player makes it even easier for you and a dance buddy to practice together.


Once your favourite tracks are analysed by the MIXTRAX application and copied to the internal memory, you can:

  • Enjoy non-stop mix playback, so seamless it’s as if you are carrying a DJ with you
  • Adjust beat positions automatically while mixing, using various patterns of effects
  • Use auto track selection with similar tempos and moods
  • Use TEMPO Control Search to automatically select tracks with touch panel operations.

There is currently no manual available.

There is currently no datasheet available.

There is currently no firmware available.