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STZ-D10Z-R Audio System [Archived]

STZ-D10Z-R Audio System [Archived]

A high-powered audio system designed by dancers, for dancers.

STEEZ audio players aren't just a boombox, nor are they an iPod dock speaker. STEEZ has meticulously designed to offer unique features that help practice and perform wherever you are. Just insert your iPod or Phone or connect your USB device to start breaking, popping or locking! To unlock unique features for battling and jamming, have your tracks analysed by MIXTRAX and copied to the player's internal memory.

It's rugged, drip proof and loud. At 2 x 10 W and a 20 W subwoofer, this boombox is bound to make an impression and not only by its smooth design.

You can use Dance Cues and 8 Beat Skip to continually rehearse of select the best parts of a track to dance to. Dance Sound also magnifies the beat so tracks really take off; or adjust manually with Low, Mid or High Dance Sound.

Once your favourite tracks are analysed by the MIXTRAX application and copied to the internal memory, you can:

  • start a battle in the music genre of your choice with Auto Battle Mode
  • create a non-stop mix using DJ Mix
  • adjust track speed to match the music to different dancing styles using Tempo Control, while the pitch remains the same.

A Mic In is on board for an MC to talk along.

There is currently no manual available.

There is currently no datasheet available.

There is currently no firmware available.