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Keep up-to-date

totally hands-free

Give your hands a break and access your email, social media, messages, appointments, and news from your smartphone directly in your compatible Pioneer headphones.

The Pioneer Notification App for Android listens for text-based notifications from other apps on your device and then converts the text into a voice notification that can be heard without touching the device.

How do I use

the Notification App?

The Pioneer Notification App was made to be easy to use and personalized to your notification preferences. To get started, download and install the app from the Google Play store to enable the notifications. Then, follow the screens below for an in-depth look at the options available.

Home Page

  1. Main Menu Access the settings for Notification App.
  2. Mute Button Press to temporarily mute the app from reading notifications when not necessary.
  3. Quick access to the mute button from the notification bar.

*The notification bar can be accessed by touching the top of the screen and dragging your finger down to access all notifications.

Display during notification

  1. Tap on the notification to access Notification App
  2. Mute Button
  3. Read previous notification
  4. Read next notification
  5. Stop all notifications

Individual apps can be selected to not read by taping on the mute noted by the arrow.

Mute this App
All notifications from the selected app will be muted.

Mute this title
All notifications with the same title will be muted.

This example is for "Notification from Notification app", if you select mute this title, the app will no longer read any notifications with the title "Notification from Notification app".

Main Menu

the following menu will display when the main menu is selected.

  1. Home
    Displays Notification App's start screen
  2. Assist Service
  3. Read
  4. Settings
  5. About This App

Assist Service

change the settings for assist services.

App Notification : Speak unread message notifications.

Time reporting : Speak the current time. Initial setting will speak out the time every 15 minutes.

*The interval can be adjusted by pressing the gear icon.


select which apps to be spoken out by notification app.

  1. Turn on notification function for individual apps.
  2. Tap on the app for further customization.
  3. Tap here to select or unselect all apps.

Customizing Gmail Example

List of excluded titles, will omit speaking of notifications with matching titles. Notification app will not respond to titles that match those place on the list of excluded titles.

Remove read notifications will remove notifcations that have been spoken from the smartphone's notification center. This will reduce the need to see notifications that have been already spoken.


Startup Assist : Turn function ON/OFF. When ON, notifications received while disconnected to headphones will be spoken.

Speed : Adjust speech speed.

Volume : Adjust spoken word volume.

Text to speech setting : Adjust the device's text to speech settings.

Access to notifications : Adjust the device's access status.

About this App

Tutorial : an overview of what this app can do.

Help : go to website.

Terms of service : View terms of service related to this app.

Privacy policy : view privacy policy.

License : a list of licensed libraries used in Notification app.

Version : Notification app's version. note: this is not informatioin about Android.