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SE-MASTER1 Hi-End Stereo Headphones


  • $3,99900

State of the art headphones for studio level sound reproduction

Open-Air Dynamic Stereo Headphone
Simultaneous coexistence of the sound production in pursuit of a space expression and a sense of reality and a stable and comfortable fit. It is possible to enjoy sound that is full of feeling of a live performance, even for long periods of time.

Made in Japan - hand-crafted by a master
Meticulous attention to even the finest detail was given to the production of the SE-MASTER1. Each unit is assembled by a master craftsman at the Tohoku Pioneer Plant in Japan; the birthplace of many iconic speaker models. We pour our advanced technological know-how into every step of the journey-from design to production and quality control- so your headphones deliver excellence without compromise.

Product highlights at a glance:

  • Stainless steel tension rod
  • Tangle-free by circular cross-sectional shape cord
  • Greater than 85KHz high frequency reproduction

Audio Features

  • Type Open-air dynamic (Closed-front, open-back)
  • Driver φ50 mm (neodymium magnet)
  • Sensitivity 94 dB
  • Frequency response 5 Hz to 85 000 Hz
  • Maximum input power 1 500 mW
  • Impedance 45 Ω
  • Cable 3.0 m OFC litz wire
  • Plug φ6.3 mm standard stereo plug (gold plated)
  • Engraved Serial Number on each Master1


  • Stereo standard input plug (φ6.3 mm plug)

Other Features

  • Detachable cord(MMCX type connector)
  • Features a wide head cushion for comfort
  • Fitted to the side of head with 3D shape earpads
  • High-rigidity aluminum alloy housings for good sound and high quality

Dimensions & Weight

  • Weight 460 g (without cable, tension rod)

Hi-Res Audio

Designed for playback of hi-res audio files such as DSD, MQA or FLAC. The extremely wide range of frequencies reproduces even the finest sound details.

AIR Studios Monitor

The Air Studios in London are known worldwide for their unrivalled music production rooms and are the first choice of many well-known artists. The MASTER1 is the first headphones ever used as monitoring reference headphones in the AIR Studios, a rare distinction of which we are proud.

Balanced XLR cable

A balanced XLR cable is sold separately for MASTER1, which is perfectly suited for use with a headphone amplifier and delivers superior sound quality. The cable has XLR connectors made by Neutrik. Both connectors are gold-plated to prevent loss of contact.

Industry´s first membrane with ceramic coating

The lightweight 25μ-thick aluminium membrane is treated with a ceramic coating to give the headphones strength, to increase its natural performance and to ensure excellent sound quality. The result is high-definition sound across the entire frequency range.

Manual Type Issue Date Languages
Product Brochure 17-02-2017 English Download

There is currently no User Manual available.

SE-MASTER1 Datasheet Download

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