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2019 What HiFi? Award Winner: UDP-LX500

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Earlier this year What HiFi? published a review on our UDP-LX500 Universal Disc Player, stating this "Premium 4K Blu-ray player delivers on all fronts".

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Fast forward to the 2019 What HiFi? Awards, and we have ourselves a winner! Announced on Wednesday 16th October, What HiFi? published this announcement on their website. Further to this, What HiFi? have said "Pioneer's 4K player is just as accomplished with audio as it is with video, so if your budget allows it won't disappoint."

As well as being awarded a 5 Star What HiFi? rating, the UDP-LX500 also won this years EISA award for Best Product in the Universal Player category. This shows Pioneer are strong competitors against rival brands like Panasonic and Sony since the introduction the UDP-LX500 and Flagship model UDP-LX800 in 2018.

We're eagerly awaiting the official Awards Night where What HiFi? will crown the Product Of The Year, could this be the Pioneer UDP-LX500? Stay tuned for further updates and announcements!

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  • There have been unexpected delays with the HDR10+ Firmware Upgrade. An official release date has yet to be confined, however stay tuned for any news.

    Pioneer Audio Australia on
  • Hello, I would like to know if there is any news regarding the HDR10+ firmware upgrade for UDP-LX500. Thank you.

    Neil Sumners on

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