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Onkyo & Pioneer announce the UDP-LX800 and UDP-LX500 players will be updated to the latest HDR10+ format

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UDP Players


Onkyo & Pioneer Corp. is proud to announce that it will issue a firmware update in Spring 2019 that will bring HDR10+ compatibility to its Universal Disc Players, the UDP-LX800 and UDP-LX500. HDR10+ better realises the incredible dynamic luminance potential of Ultra HD Blu-ray discs*.

HDR10+ is the latest version of the HDR (High Dynamic Range) format. The current HDR10 standard uses static metadata present on an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc to initially set brightness which then remains unchanged for the duration of the disc when it’s played back. HDR10+ improves on HDR because it uses dynamic tone-mapping metadata to allow brightness to be adjusted frame by frame. This results in much more dynamic looking, colourful and realistic HDR images, closer to the creator’s original vision.

The firmware release will be announced via our website when it is ready.

View UDP-LX800

View UDP-LX500


*To play back HDR10+ compatible Ultra HD Blu-ray discs, a HDR10+ ready TV and AV receiver (if the Ultra HD Blu-ray player is routed through it) will also be required.

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