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Pioneer to support Deezer HiFi on an array of its AV Receivers and Networked audio products.

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Pioneer will include Deezer HiFi support in free firmware updates coming throughout August 2018, for a variety of its current AV receivers and networked audio devices.

Deezer HiFi is a streaming audio service with over 53 Million songs, of which 36 Million songs are available in lossless CD Quality FLAC format. With the upcoming firmware updates, gain access to Deezer HiFi and enjoy the higher quality audio on Pioneer’s AV Receivers and networked audio devices. Deezer incorporates a feature called “Flow”, which creates a bespoke soundtrack based on listening tastes. Using a fine tuned algorithm curated by music lovers, “Flow” not only plays music the user enjoys, but will introduce new songs to allow for discovering new artists.

Products to support Deezer HiFi via firmware update:

  • AV Receivers: SC-LX901, SC-LX801, SC-LX701, SC-LX501, SC-LX502, VSX-LX503, VSX-LX303, VSX-LX302, VSX-1131, VSX-933, VSX-932, VSX-832, VSX-831, VSX-S520D and VSX-S520
  • 2ch Receivers: SX-N30AE and SX-S30DAB
  • Network Players: N-70AE, N-50AE, N-30AE, NC-50DAB
  • Network CD Receivers: XC-HM86D, X-HM86D, X-HM76D and X-HM76
  • Network Music Systems: FS-W50 and FS-W40
  • Wireless Streaming Speakers: MRX-5 and MRX-3

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  • The HiFi service on Pioneer Lx303 indeed works. I just haven’t figured out how to rewind songs (fast forward, back) :P This is embarrassing…

    Adam on
  • I’m experiencing problem on Deezer! The recomended playlists and flow don’t work! When I try to play flow, for exemple, a message appears “can’t load the next song”and shut down,.., what is the problem?

    Castro on

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